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Let there be the Electric Sun. 

Subtitle: Arts and Electrical Light in Climate Disruption Context.
Topic: Anthropology. Art. Museology. Material Culture. Environment.
Typology: Research. Essays.
Language: Italian/English.
Year: 2021

Museums in Climate Disruption Time.  

Subtitle: What Museum Can Do.
Topic: Environment, Museum Studies, Ecologising Museums.
Typology: Essay.
Language: Italian (English translation).
Year: 2021

Tra Imparare e Giocare.  

Subtitle: L’Arte e Gli Elementi Costitutivi del Metodo Munari.
Topic: Metodi e strumenti dell’apprendimento. Methodology for Creativity. Education.
Typology: Essay.
Language: Italian (English translation).
Year: 2021

Non-place As Idea, Product Of Supermodernity And Art Space. 

Subtitle: A Relative Concept and its Declination to the White Cube.
Topic: Anthropology, Spatial Theories, Museology.
Typology: Essay.
Language: English (Italian translation).
Year: 2020

Displaying A Collection of Photo. From the Archive to the Photo Book, and its many ways of Exhibiting the collection.  

Subtitle: Broomberg and Chanarin’ Divine Violence.
Topic: Art Publications, Photo Books, Exhibition Design.
Typology: Analysis. Case study.
Language: English.
Year: 2019

Dissisent Garden.

Topic: Art Exhibition, Curatorship.
Topic: Contemporary Photography, Video Art.
Typology: Introduction Press Kit Text.
Language: English.
Year: 2019

A contemporary view on conceptual photographers in a pocket-sized magazine.

Subtitle: Guide to Unique Photography case. GUP Magazine.
Topic: Art Management, Photography, Magazine.
Typology: Case study.
Language: English.
Year: 2019

XXX Zone Book and Manifesto.

Subtitle: Insight In How Different Cultures Handle The Topic Of Adult Entertainment.
Topic: Spatial Design. Geopolitics. Urban Planning. Urban Design.
Typology: Case study.
Language: English.
Year: 2017

The 5th Season.

Subtitle: Free Heating System.
Topic: Spatial Design. Environment. Noise.
Typology: Thinking processes.
Language: English.
Year: 2014

Framing the Public Space.

Subtitle: The bus stop design and its role of framing spaces.
Topic: Spatial Design. Heritage.
Typology: Research.
Language: English.
Year: 2014


Subtitle: Language of the Image.
Topic: Colour Theory. Creative process.
Typology: Thinking processes.
Language: English.
Year: 2014


Subtitle: Form of Memories.
Topic: Design, Memories, Olfaction.
Typology: Narrative.
Language: English.
Year: 2013

Materials and Grids in Architecture.

Subtitle: An Architectural Review of Den Haag.
Topic: Material Design. Architecture.
Typology: Review.
Language: English.
Year: 2012

Colour Combinations and Time.

Subtitle: From Design to Movies.
Topic: Colour Theory. Design.
Typology: Thinking processes.
Language: English.
Year: 2011

Sound Art.

Subtitle: -.
Topic: Sound Art. Philosophy.
Typology: Essay.
Language: Italian.
Year: 2009
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Jessica Bizzoni is an Artist, Designer and Photographer working on personal and commissioned projects. Working in Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy. Bizzoni helps to design spatial and visual identity. Portfolio available upon request. Get in touch for prints, collaboration, inquires and freelance work. 

ITA︎︎︎ Jessica Bizzoni è Artista, Designer e fotografa. Lavora a progetti indipendenti e come freelancer in Italia, Belgio e Olanda. Aiuta a creare spazi innovativi e identità visive, legati a territorio e ai beni culturali. Studio con base a Rimini. Per informazioni riguardanti stampe e altri lavori, scrivere
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