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Wanting to reinterpret an object from Jessica's childhood memory, the wall fan with sunset images, the artist opens her personal library of the changing colour of sunset and twilight sky for this collection. The colour research collects 365 combinations. A palette a day for the entire year 2020. Each paperwork is limited edition and it uses the colour combination of a specific day.

Technical detail of Fan: Year 2020 Original 1/1 Signed. Digital print on paper and cotton fibres. Sizes: S (70 x 80 x 2 cm), M (100  x 90 x 2.5 cm) Cardboard diamond-shaped box.
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Jessica Bizzoni is an Installation Artist, Designer and Photographer working on personal and commissioned projects. Working in Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy. Bizzoni helps to design spatial identity. Portfolio available upon request. Get in touch for prints, collaboration, inquires and freelance work. ︎ info at jessicabizzoni dot nl

ITA︎︎︎ Jessica Bizzoni è Artista, Designer e fotografa. Lavora a progetti indipendenti e come freelancer in Italia, Belgio e Olanda. Aiuta a creare identità e spazi innovativi, legati a territorio e ai beni culturali. Studio con base a Rimini. Per informazioni riguardanti stampe e altri lavori, scrivere
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