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Electric Sun is a photographic exploration of the night-scapes and the daily lit environment in which the blurred boundary between technosphere and biosphere, creates alternative realities. The project sees the electric source as the fuel for new rituals.  Project is conducted since 2017, between Europe.

The discovering of fire, was a power over darkness. The activities of man were no longer bounded by sunrise and sunset. The invention of electric light and lightbulb stroked other independence for the comfort of human kind. Electric light was the vanguard, means, goal, and emblem of the colonisation of the public sphere. The man-made source is more effective than the Sun, and it changed the cultural connotation of day and night. With it, it expands the day and it creates a new temporal space in the night. The lit darkness is the place for other activities and for other creatures attracted to the Electric Sun.
Electric Sun explores the lit environment and it looks at the different uses of electrical light. The project wants to see electrical light as an omnipresent sources. The omnipresence of light become an element of second nature. With this work, the artists endeavour to turn our perception of reality and fiction upside down. As a resoult, the project developed in elevating the technology into its potential, applying lighting into unused context. The luminous phenomena become something to hunt and to observe like tourists watching the Aurora.  Who gain healing and rejuvenation from coloured irradiation, and others use for growing the idealised fora.
With Electric Sun, Jessica is been awarded as Talent of the Year 2019 from the Indipendent Photographer, Young Photographer 18 from AiR ORTE Austria, and Emerging Photographer 2018 EMOP Berlin. Part of the project is been exhibited at Fotografica 18, European Month of Photography Berlin 18, Si Fest OFF #10 among others. The project was presented at the Kosovo Architecture Festival 19 with a lecture and a workshop. Selected for the Still Young Gallery in Milan during the Si Fest 2019. Electric Sun partecipated at the 40th edition of the Nederland Film Festival in 2020.
In pictures: It is Burning, 2017. / We All Fer the Dark, 2018. / Another Moon into Space, 2019. / Photorejuvenating Me, 2019. / Idealised Flora, 2018. / Chasing Man Made Aurora, 2018. / Resting Butterflies, 2019. / Electric Sunrise, 2018. / Waiting. Window Open and Light on at Night 01, 2017. / Waiting. Window Open and Light on at Night 02, 2018. / Someone Thought Stars Were Not Enough, 2019. / Spectrum of Light, 2019. / Electric Sun. Recipe of Light. Photorejuvenating Me. One channel video and digital print. Exhibition view during the SI Fest OFF 10 Savignano IT, 2019. / Industrialization Map or Light Pollution Map?, 2018. / Never Sleeping Trees, from Electric Sun, 2019. / Exhibition view at FOMU Antwerp 2019. / Black Hole, 2019. / Light Studio installation. Exhibition view at the SiFest, Savignano, 2019. / Framed butterfly taxidermy with LEDs light, 2020. / Moth Taxidermy with LEDs light. 2020.


We All Fear The Dark. From Electric Sun, 2018.

We All Fear The Dark

“This Planet is dominated and conquered by electrical light”.

The work is a staged experiment on the observations about light technology which beacame the norm in the anthropocentric world.

Dream For The Outdoors. From Electric Sun series. 2018

Dream For The Outdoors

Dream For The Outdoors is an installation of the indoor farming lighting technology, in an outdoor garden with the aim of blooming faster and better flowers in parks. The project developed in elevating the farming technology into its potential, applying it into unused context.
The research for this project was made possible with the help of the Innovatoren, Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, and AiR DU — The Netherlands.

Chasing Man Made Aurora. From Electric Sun series. 2018

Chasing Man Made Aurora

“Electric light manifests itself as an ephemeral human intervention in the environment. It is a newbie phenomena in this technological era. I like to compare it to a man-made Aurora. Greenhouses shoot lights at night, irradiating the cloudy sky.  Its specific time-location make it easy to be found, but it’s never constant. As a tourist in the night, the glow always surprises me...”

Chasing Man Made Aurora wants to see skyglow as a nocturnal tourist attraction. Tours have the aim for rethinking about light pollution and the interaction between environment and technology.
The Nocturnal Lighting Tour was made possible with the support from the Cultural Collective in Horst — The Netherlands.

Waiting. Window Open And Light On At Night

A series of photographs exploring the relation between lighting technology and fauna. In picture: Waiting. Window Open And Light On At Night 01. / Waiting. Window Open And Light On At Night 02.

Electric Sunrise, from Electric Sun, 2018.

Electric Sunrise 

Electric Sun Rise was made possible with the support from AiR DU, the CITY club and Brightlands— The Netherlands.

Idealised Flora

“Somewhere else.
The day nor flora is been touched by the Sun.
Nature is not the same as I used to know it in the outdoors”.

The research for this project was made possible with the help of the Innovatoren, Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, and AiR DU — The Netherlands.

Another Moon Into Space, from Electric Sun, 2019.

Another Moon Into Space

“The electrical light is a man-made technology which its uses became an essential part into the life of people, it begun a second nature1.  Artificial light expanded the day and it creates a temporal space in the night, which it feels natural, it feels something that human needs.
Therefore, a civilised environment implies an urban lighting infrastructure… and Another Moon into Space twill support electric street lighting”.



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Jessica Bizzoni is an Artist, Designer and Photographer working on personal and commissioned projects. Working in Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy. Bizzoni helps to design spatial and visual identity. Portfolio available upon request. Get in touch for prints, collaboration, inquires and freelance work. 

ITA︎︎︎ Jessica Bizzoni è Artista, Designer e fotografa. Lavora a progetti indipendenti e come freelancer in Italia, Belgio e Olanda. Aiuta a creare spazi innovativi e identità visive, legati a territorio e ai beni culturali. Studio con base a Rimini. Per informazioni riguardanti stampe e altri lavori, scrivere
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