Jessica Bizzoni


Material Research which sees Japanese musical tradition meeting an European contemporary instrument.
Porcelain cymbals with a glassy sound and a great sustain made Bone china, with self made recipe.
The collection is composed by:
4” bell, 5” hand symphoni, 10” symphonic suspended cymbal, 5” splash, 10” crash, 11” china.

The project started during the Ceramic Minor at the Design Academy Eindhoven, in collaboration with CKE Eindhoven.
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Jessica Bizzoni is an Installation Artist, Designer and Photographer working on personal and commissioned projects. Working in Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy. Bizzoni helps to design spatial identity. Portfolio available upon request. Get in touch for prints, collaboration, inquires and freelance work. ︎ info at jessicabizzoni dot nl

ITA︎︎︎ Jessica Bizzoni è Artista, Designer e fotografa. Lavora a progetti indipendenti e come freelancer in Italia, Belgio e Olanda. Aiuta a creare identità e spazi innovativi, legati a territorio e ai beni culturali. Studio con base a Rimini. Per informazioni riguardanti stampe e altri lavori, scrivere
qui ︎.

Vat Id IT 04306340409 
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